Robert - London, United Kingdom
I had immunological problem with broken nails that could not rebuild (Nail Lichen Planus). After 4 months of taking Sea buckthorn berry oil helps me in the fight against that problem and I get better now.
Leena – London, United Kingdom
I have been using this product for 2 months now and all I can say is that it is a very effective natural supplement. I used to suffer from diabetes, pain all over as well as anxiety. Since I used Sea Buckthorn berry oil 600mg and following the special diet my sugar level is controlled and i feel healthier. So thank you Dr Alan for your help and advice.
Fatma – London, United Kingdom
I was impressed with the knowledge provided and the right approach for the treatment of illness. Thank you for your patience and your support.
Tuqa – Carramar, Australia
Hello, Firstly I would like to thank Dr. Alan for all his support and wise professional advice throughout the three months of my treatment.. he made my treatment from colorectal cancer a lot easier and less painful! I was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer four months ago.. and started with Doctor Alan immediately with special diet and Sea buckthorn supplements. The special diet and the supplements have made me feel both healthy and energetic in my worst health stage! It has evidently reduced and in some cases illuminated the bad symptoms of the chemo treatment. Two weeks I did a PET scan to check the state of my tumors and the Doctor was shocked to see that no only the tumors have shrunk in size but some have disappeared! This result was achieved only within three months of following Doctor Alan’s advice, diet and supplements. Therefore, I strongly advice anyone with health issues to try Doctor Alan and get in contact with him as soon as possible. If Doctor Alan’s natural healing path can stop cancer growing, I wonder what good things it could do to other less complicated health issues. Best regards
Elaine Price – Kent, United Kingdom
I have been using the product for the past 3 years , not only is the product excellent the professional advice and support that you receive is reassuring too, I would recommend anyone with health issues to use this product it has helped me with mine, the face creams are great and definitely worth trying.
Mariana – Brussels, Belgium
This is not only a feedback this is my way to thank you for all your time and knowledge you shared with me since 3 months when I started with Sea buckthorn, Siberian Ginseng and Special Diet. More than 3 months ago I had anxiety, 20 kg overweight, hormonal problem, knee pain and I used to consult a lot of nutritionists, I used to do sport, I was trying everything to get rid of all these problems but it didn’t work at all. When I shared with Dr Alan I didn’t believe that it could work as I thought that I already tried everything but it worked and it was the turning point in my life.. Not only I start loosing weight under the advises of Dr Alan, but I gained in self confidence, I changed my perceptions on food and start to build a whole new world of good practices, I forgot about the sweets, I became more calm and resilient even though I was passing through hard problems in my family.. I start to discover a completely new person, my core identity.This is the story of the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly. I am still in the middle of the way, but I am proud of the results we achieved with Dr Alan so I wanted to share my experience and encourage all of you who still have some doubts to believe in you and to find the right way to do with Dr Alan. Thank you Dr Alan!
Jessica – Leeds, United Kingdom
I have used this product for many years now and my skin, all over, especially in more intimate areas has really improved. After the first couple of months I reduced the dose from 2 a day to 1 and that works fine. Ran out once when I was away from home and felt the difference. I won’t ever go without this now.
Jamie – London, United Kingdom
I experienced high blood cholesterol for long time. I used this product for couple of months. It does reduced the cholesterol and feeling healthier.
Edward – Kent, United Kingdom
I was suffering from diabetic for many years. After taking Sea Buckthorn berry oil about 5 months, now feeling better and my blood sugar is normal. I will continue to buy this product because is natural product and effective.
Alex – London, United Kingdom
I’ve had Stomach tumors cancer since one year and the doctors advised me to do operation and to remove the 12 tumors but I started to take Sea buckthorn oil 600mg twice a day since 3 months and now I feel more energy, healthier and I have only 4 Stomach tumors left of 12 tumors, its size was 6.7mm and now its only 2.1mm, I will continue to take sea buckthorn oil every day as a food supplements because it has all the nutrients the body needs! I advice everyone to take Sea buckthorn oil to prevents cancer and many other diseases.
Emily – Cardiff, United Kingdom
This product is very useful for ladies of a certain age. I was looking for something to assist with immune system and in particular mucus membranes. It does seem to have helped.
William – Manchester, United Kingdom
I am impressed with this item and will continue to order as it does what it says on the box.
Daniel – Glasgow, United Kingdom
Not many products contain omega 7 so I am pleased to find this. As to it’s efficiency, I will have to take it for a few months before I expect to see results. Always hopeful though.
Sophie – Oxford, United Kingdom
I have been using this product for about two weeks now so a little early to see any real benefits but I do think that my skin feels softer already. Good price will be buying again.
David – Birmingham, United Kingdom
It is wonderful supplement. The product is great quality.
Louis- Liverpool, United Kingdom
This product is an excellent enhancer to health and well-being.
Julia – Manchester, United Kingdom
This product is made from natural sources and it’s safe and healthy for anyone wishing to take this product. Also I don’t know any other shop that sells this product.
Jay – London, United Kingdom
Since using this product I feel stronger. Don’t feel tired.
Sebastian – Leeds, United Kingdom
More than three years and I’ve never had flu. This product is amazing, feeling much more energy.
Billy – Norwich, United Kingdom
Bought them for my wife after being recommended by practice nurse. Early days to say if they are successful.
Laura – London, United Kingdom
I am using the product and hope it works! I had advise from a friend in America about this product, and the price is great, thank-you.
Aimee – London, United Kingdom
Great product, not greasy, good smell, leaves my face skin really smooth and fresh! I’m happy for this purchase and I’ll repeat my order soon!
Jasmine – Swansea, United Kingdom
Have used this brand for many years, and particular this cream’s ingredients are really good.
Olivia – Aberdeen, United Kingdom
This product was lovely to put on my skin and is lasting well too!

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