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From pain to pleasure there is only one step and it is yours. The purpose of the coaching consultation is to help you to overcome the challenge you have to change your actual situation into the one you desire to achieve.


If you feel angry, guilty, insulted,

If you have anxiety and stress,

If you can't meet the right partner for you,

If you feel tired and confused in your relationship,

If you have a disagreement with your parents,

If you don't have the strength to move forward,

If you want to change your life, but don't know where to start,

If you want to discover your vocation,

If you are in doubt about where to go, what decision to make,

If you lack motivation and determination,

 Then, this is the program for you! For a deeper transformation, welcome to the individual program " My best version in 91 days“  that is a 91 days individual coaching with:

  •     Once a week Individually designed video with every day practices for every week (12 videos)
  •     every day homework practices designed for you,
  •     three time a week feedback from me on your progress
  •     3 online consultations
  •     BONUS My eBook " My Best Version“.

 To learn more about why this program is the right one for you,

choose the most convenient way for you to contact us:

1.   Write to

2.   Call for 15 min free phone consultation:
 +359 884 579257,  WhatsApp +32491177700

Get appointment at: +359 884 579257, WhatsApp +32491177700

You can choose your language of consultation with our specialist from the following ones:

Bulgarian, French, English, Russian and Spanish.

Product details

The 7 keys to the Change in your Life

You know, the Change is always something good, anything but a result.
The best thing about change is that it happens in the process of development. When you develop, you change yourself and with that the attitude of others, and the world towards you. According to Kaizen's philosophy, in order to evolve every day, we need to make constant small efforts to get things done step by step.

1. Put yourself at the center of your life.

Make sure your needs are met and available. In this way you will be able to be a resource from which to give to others.

2. Change your focus and perception

How? By challenging yourself every day with something small.

And how will this happen? Well, we often say to ourselves, "I'll never do that!" And why, what if you do? Ask yourself this question and the answer will reveal to you what fear is behind this restriction.

3. Stay away from the feeling and attitude that you do not have enough. Feel grateful for what you have and you will always be in a resourceful state. When we lack something and focus on it or compare ourselves to others who have it, we will not get it because we are in short supply.

4. Enjoy the moment Life is what happens here and now.

When you think about it, this is not an easy exercise and it is a serious challenge. When you are in your comfort zone, you run away from the present moment, or hide into the comfortable memories of the past or trying to predict the future. Often, negative experiences from the past cause depression, and carrying them into the future causes fear and doubt. How to be in the present? Ask yourself the questions: Where am I now? What am I doing? Is that all I'm doing now? Am I enjoying what I'm doing?

5. Take the initiative and don't wait for someone or something to give you a boost

Concentrate on a 1% improvement in what you are trying to improve.

This is only 1%, which, however, will increase over time.

6. Take responsibility for past, present and future choices

Accept that you have caused your problems and turmoil in your life as your choices because you have chosen those opportunities, actions, or inactions that have led you to most of these situations.

7. Believe in yourself

This may be the most difficult challenge, but know that no one but you can believe in your victory, because it happens only with your faith. It is faith that gives you impetus and aspiration. Of course, in your enthusiasm to go far, you will inevitably be faced with the doubt whether you are making the right decision, whether it will work and then help two faiths. Only faith in your abilities brings out the resource in you and you are no longer the same!


Be better version of Yourself!



Montpelier, France

After consulting with Mariana Atanasova, I felt cleansed and new-born. I realized that I had to live my life and move on boldly, that I didn't have to wait for anyone's permission, and I had to allow myself to take my own decisions.
I was waiting for permission from someone to move on, and I didn't dare take the next step.
But now, I realized that I am the one, who should give myself this permission.
I realized who my value is-the Victory.
And that's exactly who I am-a Winner.
I really feel that way and I feel like a winner.
I watched the video of our consultation again, but this time I was very relaxed when I looked at it. I saw myself from the side.
I saw the emotions and feelings that I had hidden in me coming out of me, and that was very powerful!
Now I am free of the burden, I don't know what it was, but I am free of it, and now I am calm and at ease.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mariana!

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Reviews from the Webinar – My change in the next 90 days of 2021

Nurshen - Sofia, Bulgaria Hello., I was very pleased to participate in the webinar. The meditation part was interesting and the sharing of participants was helpful, Mariana, as a coach, she had a super glow and performed well. About what I plan to implement - I will most likely stop thinking about what might have happened in the past, or what awaits me in the future, or how hard it will be for me abroad, for example. I will try to stop thinking about these things, as they make me even more stressed. In addition, today I did an exercise with the visualization of fear. In front of me, I saw a middle stone placed on a chair, and then with slow steps, I walked up to him and started talking, told him that I accept his existence, etc., there were also many tears, which tells me that this is a release from the unnecessary. I thought you might be interested in sharing. Thank you for the interesting exercise. Thank you again for your kind words and good attitude! I wish you a beautiful day filled with lots of smiles! :)

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Thank you for the comprehensive and helpful guidance I received from you! I felt very good after the consultation. I realized a lot of things about myself and made me think deeply about the important things for me and my life. I realise what to do, how to do it, and what to do to help myself and turn myself into a better person.
I got a very good analysis of the problem points for me, as well as what practice and homework to do to change these problem parts of my thinking and behaviour!
Once again, thank you so much for everything Mariana!

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Warsaw, Poland

You are a miracle of nature! Your every direction is a vital redirection! Thank you.! You helped me easily overcome the difficult moment in which I was! I loved you!

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Prague, Czech Republic

All my special thanks for the excellent coaching I have received from Mariana Atanasova. It was incredibly fruitful and killer! Easily helped me reveal a large part of my personality! Thank you, Mariana!

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Hamburg, Germany

I came across Mariana just in a moment of need and gave me the best way to understand myself and the direction I'm going! Your good tone and friendly attitude have given me complete confidence in you! You're beautiful! Keep helping people, just like me!
I thank you, my dear, you are a professional and a very good person! I'm glad I was a part of this helpful consultation, and be sure that when I get lost sometimes, I'll think of you first.

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Brussels, Belgium

Mariana is an outstanding professional in her work. We conducted a consultation, and I can say that it was successful and with the desired result. Mariana, you saw what the problem was, and you directed my attention to him. We were able, within 1 consultation, to rework the problem with various methods and techniques. After the consultation, I felt very joyful and happy, experienced lightness and harmony in myself. I highly recommend the services of this wonderful person.

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The three webinars I participated in with you were very useful and transformative for me.
The topics of the webinars touched on vital issues of our lives, which gave me the opportunity to think deeply about many things. Last but not least, it was a very pleasant fact that each of us had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and speak out on the topics and questions we had during the webinars. In this way, it was possible to get other views on the topics we discussed, which was very useful.
Thank you for the knowledge you gave us, for all the practices and homework, which were not easy, but certainly transformative and transformative. I admit I haven't done all my homework, but I'll do it, even if it's late.
You have a beautiful gentle voice that strongly influences, gives a feeling of tenderness and care!
Thank you so much for everything, it was wonderful! Good luck.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

How did I feel during the event? It was nice and natural, but even though I was focused, I sometimes missed things while I was thinking about what had gone before. If we had access to the recordings of these meetings, I would listen to it again.
What did I understand? "That I'm far from knowing myself well." That I should move on to action. In small steps. That I have a fog that hides my real relationship with my mother. That I still have distrust or fear of failure.
What was useful to me? Exercises. Personality structure. Contact with other searchers.
What can I apply? "I'll do my homework, add something else to my diary, and start writing a letter to my mom. I'll remember Robin Sharma.
When will I apply it? "I've already started.
What would be interesting to take part in the next event? Concrete examples of people who have already passed part of the way: what thoughts, feelings, mistakes, techniques they have experienced.
What topic resonates with me right now? Healthy food. Addictions. Balance.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

The topic of the webinar, "my change in the next 90 days", was very attractive. The theme of change accompanies many personal development trainings, and the seeker who wants to self-actualize invariably comes up with many questions that he is looking for answers to. This webinar was interesting from the point of view of the way it was conducted, in the form of a cool conversation, in which everyone present expresses their preferences and goals that they have set for themselves, traits and habits that they want to part with, and how they perceive changes as a process or as a result. These personal messages were analysed and commented on by the leading webinar, and very important conclusions were made, which, if someone goes down the path of change, will correspond to real results and personal satisfaction. I would love to attend another such webinar.

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Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria

I join during the second part of the webinar, but what I heard was enough to make me decide to trust Mariana. I really liked the intonation of the voice, the words that were singing like a song, she spoke so calmly, patiently, the meaning that waked up and how she got to me, it was fascinating. She inspired me with great confidence, I intuitively felt that I wanted to use it to build, and I am grateful that there are already positive results.
I know I'm in the right place with the right teacher, and the good things are yet to come!
I'm grateful for that to Mariana. I'm glad I got into this group with you Mariana. My lesson is to learn perseverance and patience, to focus on one goal and not get distracted. I have a tendency to procrastinate, sometimes I lose motivation. I feel like that's what I'm doing.

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